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"My family went to CiCiís in Rockwell Plaza (2 Saturdays ago)...and I meant to contact you much sooner, sorry about the delay! We sat behind the basketball team and my husband and I were skeptical at first. But I wanted you all to know how very well mannered and POLITE your team was! There was more noise and bad behavior from the people that sat behind us!!! There were 3 coaches w/ the team

(1 young lady was a member too)...they were all dressed in their uniform cover-ups. I so wanted to go to the coaches and tell them how proud they should be for having such a well behaved team! When they were in line for their pizza- they were very polite! Took their turns, no yelling or crowding. I know how outings can be- used to go on band trips...and talk about a rowdy bunch of kids! So, please tell your team they should be PROUD of who they are and thatís growing up to be nice young men and a young lady! And I know this is done from the excellent guidance of the school staff (and their families)."

Sincerely, Robyn LeFever
*daughter at Sequoyah Elementary (2nd grade)


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