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The Thunder was integral to our 2011-2012 school year as they partnered with John Marshall High School to participate in the Forward Thinking Leadership Program. Ten sophomores and ten juniors were chosen by the principal, teachers, and counselors to learn about leadership. Sam Presti, Thunder’s General Manager, led the program, coming to the school a few times to lecture about leadership and the true meaning of a leader. The students were taught that everyone can be a leader and each leader has different strengths and weaknesses for each situation. He taught the students the importance of collaboration.


After three meetings, the students attended a leadership summit with two other Oklahoma City Public Schools at the Chesapeake Arena. I was chosen by my peers to represent John Marshall in the summit and gave a presentation on what he and his group had learned. “The leadership program was a great opportunity for students who did not usually hang out to come together and talk with one another,” said Brooks. “The program broke down the barriers of cliques and allowed collaboration between all the students.” After the other presentations, Sam Presti said a final word and released the students to go down to the court to see the Thunder warm-up. Royal Ivey came and talked to the students about the importance of following your dreams and ambitions and never giving up. After many autographs from the team, they stayed and saw a terrific game against the Kings.

Demonte Semmions and Jatay Fitzpatrick pose for pics with OKC Thunder Forward, Serge Ibaka


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